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Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors
Технически данни
Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors 2.00 mm Tiger Claw Rugged Reliable Dual Wipe Socket Strip

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Takes 8 days to Japan. Good!

Thank You all fine, packed very well

The goods are OK, thank you dealers.

Excellent transaction five star service thank you, we will do business again.

All come together. The number and quality is not satisfactory. Just like in the description. Only very long service! Seller and shop recommend!

Свързани ключови думи за CLT-

  • CLT-122-02-G-D Интегрирана
  • CLT-122-02-G-D RoHS
  • CLT-122-02-G-D PDF Datasheett
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Технически данни
  • CLT-122-02-G-D част
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Купува
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Дистрибутор
  • CLT-122-02-G-D PDF
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Компонент
  • CLT-122-02-G-D интегрални схеми
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Изтеглете PDF
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Изтеглете таблица с данни
  • CLT-122-02-G-D захранване
  • CLT-122-02-G-D доставчик
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Цена
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Информационен лист
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Изображение
  • CLT-122-02-G-D снимка
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Складова наличност
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Наличност
  • CLT-122-02-G-D оригинал
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Най-
  • CLT-122-02-G-D отличен
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Без олово
  • CLT-122-02-G-D спецификация
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Горещи оферти
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Цена на прекъсване
  • CLT-122-02-G-D Технически данни